With so many day to day stresses in our lives it is easy for the body to get out of balance whether Mentally/emotionally, structurally or biochemically. We need someone tune our natural energy in order to strengthen these pillars for future issues. Kinesiology is an enjoyable and affordable way to this improved energy path.


Our Mission

At Kent and Sussex Kinesiology we aim to tune into any overbalanced muscles through a series of muscle testing. We use Touch for Health Kinesiology to tune into these muscles and find out what it needs before we work together to balance and heal.

Sessions normally last 45 to 60 minutes and we will work find the best method to solve any imbalances. In addition to muscle testing we do Food testing, Pain tapping, Postural reviews and improvements via balance, Nutrition review to what could raise or lower body' energy and Circuit assessments across the areas of pain to work on over active muscles.

Please phone the team on 01233 770686 or email kentsussexhealth@hotmail.com and we will be happy to help with any issue.

Before visiting the Kent and Sussex Kinesiology team I had constant pains around the shoulders and very low energy after giving birth. Now after several visits I am feeling extremely positive and healthier, a greatly reduced pain across body especially the shoulders and know what diet I need to look after my chemical side of life.
— Ewa W; Ashford,Kent

What We will achieve together on a visit to Kent and Sussex Kinesiology

  • Tune any imbalances in the muscles whether over energy or under.
  • Reduce the stress and tension existing in the psychological system of the body through muscle balance and emotion stress release exercise.
  • Decrease the pain existing across the body via working on the over-active muscle.
  • Where we have chronic pain we will do a series of pain taps to ease the discomfort.
  • If we are testing the body against certain foods we will look into what foods are biocidic (reduce energy), Biogenic (raise energy) and biostatic (neutral)
  • For more help with any questions, click here