Promoting knowledge of Kinesiology

Kinesiology is such an unspoken gem for promoting self-health. All my clients are keen to know more about what correction method the body requires, what they can take home and practice on themselves, why a certain meridian is under or over energy on every visit due to the way the body supports another meridian. Please ask as many questions during an appointment as I my main goal is your health. Alternatively please phone Kent & Sussex Kinesiology and we will deal with how you can help reduce any pain or tenderness over the phone. Call 01233 770686

Welcome to the Kent and Sussex Kinesiology Blog

Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to look at the blog page. This is your space to write how you feel before and after a visit to the clinic. You can also branch out to other visitors and discuss how you combated various stress from emotional to physical. Kinesiology is a great affordable natural health which is easy to enjoy. I am always trying to educate the patient on how they can help themselves whilst on their own and I hope this blog section will encourage you to do the same.

Please just feel free to discuss anything that could help anyone using Kinesiology to go forward in life!!